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Hello Sir
Im a fresher undergoing training. Im under testing domain. But i have more interest in development
Is it possible to shift from testing to development? If so what should i do?

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 15, 2010 :

Since you are a fresher this is the right time to make a choice between development and testing. Both are good areas to work in. Base your choice on 2 key points - both your HEAD (ability to do something, aptitude, intelligence and logic) and HEART (level of interest, passion for work,etc) should be in sync. When you get off your desk after a day's work, you should feel happy and fulfilled. This will happen only if you have made a correct choice.

"The runs I have scored in all forms of the game, I was not trying to prove something to someone. I have just played because I enjoyed playing and loved playing and the passion for cricket is there. I have just done that and while doing that all this has happened."

           - Sachin Tendullkar

Action points

  • Check if development opportunities are available in your current organization - if yes, approach your management and tell them about your preference. But be tactful, evaluate your chances and only then approach your management
  • Train yourself in the latest technologies - Rajesh has beautifully listed everything you need to learn once your basics are clear. Please check the below link
  • Search for alternate development jobs if this is not working out in the current company
If you are absolutely clear about going into development, don't waste too much time in testing as experience in the same will not be counted for development jobs. Please check the below links for understanding the scope in development and testing.

Sainath Sherigar

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