How to prepare practical coding during career break ?

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Hi all,
People who are in career breaks,
While preparing for interviews ,ppl able to read concepts and explain orally.
But what should ppl do ,if they want to learn practically all those coding n all.

Though ppl have exp in dot net ,jus consider those beginners and want to
learn and work in an conceptual way and not simply either work without knowing concepts
((nor)) without knowing to code ,but simply knowing concepts would not help anyway.

So during career breaks ,people may read concepts ,but how to know things and work practical things.

i know ,ppl will say jus google sample codes and check ,but for me as well as others not able to
get what wanted in a SIMPLE WAY .

So any1 could help me with this issue ?

thanks in advance

Rajesh's Advice on Friday, August 20, 2010 :
Hmm.. First thing improve your language both written and oral as that is the basis for all things.  Avoid this SMS lingo as that may form an habit which will be very difficult to get rid of.  Now to answer your question, consider the following points. 

First the fact.  "There is no substitute for real work".   So, now come the second question, how motivated are you to continue coding OR what keeps you motivated for doing code or writing code?  Muse over this.  And then do not  lose motivation.  This may seem like a wierd answer,  but again muse over this.  If you really wanted to do practical coding during career break, follow the points..
- Read latest docs and whitepapers about the area of interest
- Browse through various opensource projects and go through the code, understand the design, participate in discussions etc.
- Start/Code  a "real website" for yourself and document all your learnings.... Apply the best practices learned
- Then try try and try.. until you succeed.

All the very best.

Nav234 said on Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you Mr.Rajesh.

That was a valuable one.Yeah i will try to improve my language both written and oral .I think for 3 or 4 more years i have to be in coding ,then i could try to move towards managerial side .

Moreover rite now i feel like all these years i have just been doing copy & paste writing code without knowing what are they used for or why i have to use this.So now i felt like i need to improve my coding skills and importantly should gain capacity of handling things individually.So iam working on with sample codes


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