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Presently i am working as a software programmer in a small IT company. The exposure to technology has been limited. I see a lot of opening for QA . Please guide if it will be appropriate to shift from .Net to QA for chances to work in an MNC ....As we are still working on basically .Net 2.0 and partially on .net 3.5 here i do not see much chances in MNC. Also, as i working can u suggest how can i learn skills for the profile online????
Can software testing be learned online???? Plz guide and provide suitable references...................

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, October 03, 2010 :

Your choice of a career should be determined based on your own unique talents and abilities more than anything else. Making a career choice just to ensure that you land in an MNC is not the best approach in my opinion. It's this way, you can excel only in an area which you truly like working in and in which you can spend long hours. Moreover, many organizations are still working on .Net 2.0 and are gradually shifting to .Net 3.5. including MNCs. The fact of the matter in software development is that one has to upgrade his knowledge continuously without relying on the immediate work environment, there really is no other choice.

Please check the below link also, which provides details on the role of a QA.



Sainath Sherigar,

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