Should I join job in CMMI level 5 IT Compnay on contract

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Since last one year i was working in Engineering college as techncial faculty.but I was trying for job to come back in IT industry as i have aroung 3.5 year exp. as Software Developer.Now i got a chance in good compnay on same skill set(.net, i am in dilema
Is it fine to join there or it will not be good for my career to work as sub Contructor employee?
I am regular visitor this site & i got vauable guidelines.
Please guide me.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 29, 2010 :

The question is not clear. Are you saying that you are being offered a contract job in a CMMi level 5 company and you are not able to come to a decision whether to continue in the teaching job or take up the contract job?


Sainath Sherigar,

Sanjaysharma83 said on Monday, August 30, 2010

Yes sir, you judge my question abosulelty.
Please guide me, Is it any probale in contract job in CMMi level 5 company?

Sainath's Advice on Monday, August 30, 2010 :
You need to evaluate the pros and cons, risk and return carefully. You are the best judge of your current responsibilities and financial requirements.

A contract job as a developer is a start in itself - sometimes contract jobs lead to permanent jobs in the same organization depending upon whether the candidate is good. This is also the way many top companies reduce their own risk of hiring a bad employee by renewing the contract only for those who are performers. Check out whether this has happened previously in this organization.

At the same time, you need to take a real look at what risks can you afford to take at this point.


Sainath Sherigar,

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