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Currently I'm working as a field support executive for a telecom company at Ranchi, Jharkhand. I have completed my BE(comp) in 2009 and after that I did ASP.NET course from Mumbai. But didn't get any suitable job and hence returned back to my hometown. But now I have applied to a company at Ranchi, which is mainly in ASP.NET and since I have no experience hence they will be providing me training on live project for 3 months and during that period I have to pay Rs 5000 per month means Rs15000 to them. And after that they will hire me and if I want to shift to other firm then they will provide me with 1 year experience. So my confusion is that
1. Should I go for this kind of firm?
2. There is another company in Pune which has somewhat similar offer where I have to pay 10000 for 1 month training and after completion of training they will keep me as their employee.
3. I am interested in website development but some of my friends told me to switch to software development as there is no growth in website development.
So kindly guide me so that I can take a decision at the earliest.
Waiting for reply.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, September 19, 2010 :

Website development and software development using ASP.Net are 2 entirely different fields - first and foremost you need to decide what suits you more.It should be an area in which you can excel in the long term.Do not base your decision only on demand analysis.

There are many operators who are misleading gullible freshers with such promises - promises of a job guarantee after completion of a course, project experience in return for payments. Remember, it's not about having an experience certificate in hand, it's more about what are your skill levels after working on a live project for 1 year. Do these companies make commercial use of these training projects - of course, not. So how can this experience help?


Sainath Sherigar

Saurav_Roy said on Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sainath Sir,
Thanks for repling to my query.
Sir, I am interested in website development and I have knowledge of Content Managment Softwares like Wordpress and Joomla and scripting languages like PHP, apart from ASP.NET.
But as I have earlier told that I haven't worked on any projects. So i want to acquire some practical knowledge on website development. So how can I get such kind of initial training on live projects?
Also I wanted to know that what is the future prospect in website development, in terms of career as well as financial?

Saurav Roy

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