how do I get my career back on track ?

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I got an offer as .net programmer after 4 yrs, from the completion of my B.Tech. I worked for a company for one yr. But I didnt get any offer letter etc. documents from the company and understood that that company is a start up company and not yet registered.So, when I asked for the documents stritctly..they revealed it. I made the only mistake that I didnt check the company profile before commited to the work because I got the offer after a long gap.Now,I understtod that there is no use to work at them and I come out from the company but I dont have any profile on my experience.
Eventhough I know that there are many drawbacks in my career profile..I would like to rebuild it now.
Could you please suggest e in this regard..
Thanks in advance

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, September 19, 2010 :

You do not need to be discouraged. Careers are build 1 step at a time - and for you the most important thing to do is to just focus on getting the next step right. Be blind to everything else - in particular, to the past which cannot be changed and the distant future which is, remember,"distant".

What can you salvage from the situation?

See if you can at least get an experience certificate on a company letterhead - although it may not be registered. In 1 year, I am sure you must have got some kind of development experience.

What are the things you can do?

Remember, your 1st target is to get a break - and the job market is certainly better now. Take massive action in areas which you can control - and leave the rest to the Almighty.For example:

  • check out the job skills in demand at your level of experience. Browse the job sites and patiently and painstakingly go through the JDs and list down in-demand technologies
  • compare your profile with the same - identify gaps
  • prioritize on 1 key skill which can add weight to your CV
  • work on this skill on a daily basis - keep a deadline to add it to your CV
  • keep applying to new opportunities
  • ask established professionals for help - not for references but how you can raise your market value effectively
  • and make sure you learn at least 1 lesson from every job rejection

Massive action is the key - the good thing is that even if you do everything wrong if you do "enough" of the above actions the market feedback itself will make you do adjustments and correct your strategy and approach along the way. Waiting for things to happen is not the answer - massive action is the key. It will make you feel good, with every new skill learnt you will grow in confidence, and most importantly, it will not allow you to brood over past failed attempts.

Now please get started and keep going !

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
           - Wayne Gretzky


Sainath Sherigar

Sandhya said on Thursday, September 23, 2010

thanQ but they even not responded to give experience certificate whether give or not.I cannot understand that how to prepare my profile..if they dont give it.

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