Confuse to take desicison...

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Hello sir..
Sir i am frm Bhopal.. recently i hv completed MCA..(72%),
i am vry cnfused about choosing path to start up my career...
pls suggest me what wil be better for me to

(1.) join any company in local..(company may be small)
and gain experience in my field .NET (but vry low salary and no time to attend any campus or
interview) and after taking such experience (6mnth or 1year ??? )....i move towards Metro.
(because people say that after getting exp. w can get job easily and in good salary package)...
(2). move to metro city (Delhi or Banglore ??) now.. to search for job...(bt my frnds are alls who
are already there hvnt got success to get job ..still they are searching for job since 2-3
month (and also expensive)....
sir pls guide me....

Kapil's Advice on Saturday, September 25, 2010 :

First and foremost is to get employed and start getting experience. Experience is a key to any success. Working also will keep you updated and make you ready to face bigger companies with confidence.

But again do not get satisfied with your current job. Keep looking for oppotunities. You can always give interviews over phone and visit the metros for interviews, if required. In fact, be very mobile and visit metros to give interviews as frequently as possbile. The interviews will help you know the expectations and help you prepare and also keep you in synch with the market.

Once you have some working experience you will be better off against other people with no experience. Some companies prefer freshers only at campus interviews and at non-campus scenarios just filter out the freshers.


Setu said on Sunday, September 26, 2010

thank you vry much sir for your guidance....

Is it right that MNCs or companies in metro Cities Consider the Experience only taken from metro cities other wise they rejected resume if we mantiond experince from Other city and small scale company...???

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