what lies ahead of me?

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I was a very average guy in studies I got 57 in 10,52 in 12 and 48 in my graduation which completed in 2000.after there is a break of one year in which i tried for govt jobs,in 2002 in completed PGDCA and in 2003 my MSC(Comp. Sci) from a correspondence university with 72 and 76%.After that i started teaching computers which is going on till now and i am a corporate trainer(.net) now in a company but i am fed up with traveling that is attached with this role. i have a family and a kid that also depends on me .

now in given scenario what should i do for future?

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, September 26, 2010 :

Well I think you have realized you have had average academics background and on average foundation will be built an average career. 10-12 and graduation are formative years and are very essential for building a good foundation and hence the good career.

Now for your future,

Many people have made excellent career in corporate training.  But here also these are your formative years of Corporate training. You should strive harder and become senior in this area.

You should build your reputation in this area. People should know you just by your name. This comes by practice and hard work. Know your students well. Make a rapport with them and be honest in your teaching and exploring new advance areas and prepare for questions you could not answer. Sometime, student can get you good references and open new opportunities for you!!!

With getting senior you can also start negotiating with your company for less of travel. Corporate traning is also an area which also easily allows you to go free-lancing once you build your reputation.

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