Should continue with my developer role or should go for regular executive mba from world's top 20 business school.

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Hello Sir,
I have 3 years of experience in software development winforms c#. Right now I am in world lead mnc as Senior Soft Engg and my performance is average. I have done B.E. , after that cdac. Now looking for fast growth in organisation so thinking of executive mba when I get 5 year of experience. I am willing to do it from worlds top business school like isb, kellogs. I heard its fastest way to get growth in industry instead of being average performer in a organisation.

It will be great if you can please put some light on this. Is my thinking is on right way or not? I heard I can be in consultant role even after mba.

Kindly guide me.

Best regards,

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, October 03, 2010 :
Hi Subodh,

Obviously, doing an MBA is useful for long term career prospects.And by fast growth if you mean rising in the hierarchy MBA would be useful as an additional qualification.But this should ideally begin only after you have reached the Team Lead stage, in my opinion.

But true growth can come only when you become excellent at what you do. Have you tried to analyze why you are being rated as average. It's okay to start off as average but it's not good to stay there.Also try to focus on newer technologies - while your immediate project reality may force you to work on Winforms I really think you should upgrade to better technologies and give yourself a better chance.

In my career so far I have seen both cases - fast growth based on smart career moves without a strong foundation. Such people actually damage the organizations they work in and jump onto a new organization when they finally land in trouble in the current one.

I have also seen others follow the natural growth stages - these people did not wait for things to happen but grew bigger on a consistent basis. Even after retirement such guys are doing exceedingly well in the industry as consultants, etc.


Sainath Sherigar,

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