Oracle DBA v/s IIS Admin : What to choose?

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I have total 10.7 years of experience including 6 years of my WEB domain experience, however I have worked on ASP 3.0,.NET 2.0, MOSS2007, ORACLE10 g as DBAIIS 6.0(WEB Admin-Security Fixes), so now which field I should got ahead with any certification which would boost my career and my area of intereest is into Oracl/IIS Admin so please refer my resume for my detail work experience and what ahead 'i needs to do to built my future ahead, kindly assist me ahead.

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Sainath's Advice on Sunday, October 31, 2010 :
Hi Kartik,

My opinion about this:

1) DBA in Oracle - this is a well paying area. However, when you say you have worked in this area I hope you have done the following - DB performance tuning, DB capacity planning, DB monitoring & control, DB design for new projects,etc. The area is specialized but there is enough to learn - many DBAs do not tend to go beyond monitoring the DB thus restricting their skills

2) IIS Admin - this is a niche but important profile. Many companies whose entire software has been hosted on IIS usually require such a profile as part of their service delivery engagement.

Your overall profile seems to suggest that you have dabbled with many things - but identify your main area of interest against your aptitude and then make a choice.


Sainath Sherigar,

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