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iam a fresher ,iam getting opportunities in many small companies but very small companies in php dream is to be placed myself in a big company like TCS,Infosys,HCL etc or MNC'S.if i chose php as my career will i be able to get a place in these companies after 1 year? as i have listened tha big companies doesnt use php so shuld i search for java or .net job??
plz help me??

Kapil's Advice on Monday, December 06, 2010 :
Big MNCs are client driven. Majority of the clients still uses either Java or .Net for enterprise development. It is because these languages have a good vendor support in terms of tools and platform for building scalable and large scale application development with enterprise security.

PHP is part of platform commonly know as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) which is open source.
LAMP is coming up in big way. It supports RAD development for quickly developing sites. But due to its being non compiled scripting language, free, and open-source nature it is not trusted and hence not adopted heavily by enterprises.  But the large scale application like facebook is built on LAMP stack.  Drupal, a very popular product for building sites is also entirely in PHP. 

Best practices, Design patterns and structured methodology have been developed and very mature for .Net and Java. Whereas, in PHP programmers tend not to use OOPs concepts and hence become  bad programmer.

I will suggest to search for Java and .Net job but do not remain unemployed for long. In case you use PHP, use it with best practices and develop OOPs concepts and use design patterns to build your fundamentals. If your programming fundamentals are strong you can easily switch to any language. 

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