Confused to choose the software technology after a long break

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Hello Sir, I was working as a software engineer for more than 4 yrs as a .Net developer but the problem is I never worked in .Net completely in all the 4.5 yrs. For few months I worked on ASP, then C#,then Biztalk Server and then ASP.Net/C#. So I can say I worked on different technologies in this period of 4yrs, thats the reason I am not confident on any language. After 4yrs, I took a break of 2yrs to take care of my baby. Now I want start my career back. But dont know where to start. I was always interested to go with Testing but never got a chance due to the project requirements of developer. So sir,please guide me if it is possible to start my career with Testing and my decision of choosing Testing job is right. If yes, how should I proceed? Or I should stick to development job? Thanks in advance Lily

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, October 31, 2010 :

Both the areas - development & testing are good and have properly defined career paths. When choosing a career, you should carefully consider the pros and cons based on your aptitude and interests. In the long run, you will only excel in an area only if your heart and soul is in it, no matter what amount of money is paid. I have answered this question multiple times before - please go through the below links:


Sainath Sherigar,

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