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Hi Sainath

I am from Bangalore. I came across your advice regarding pursuing ITIL given to one of the aspiring persons who was interested in doing ITIL certification (in website ). The advice which was given was really thought provoking and I am expecting a similar advice in my case too.

I have completed my B.Tech in 2004 and have more than 4 years of experience in technical support (desktop support for PCs; dealing hardware and software issues). I am in cross roads now (right word is confusion) in choosing the right track in enhancing my career. Recently, I have come across ITIL certifications and courses and felt I can switch into this to get a progress in my career. I DO NOT have any idea about CA service desk tools or HP service management tools. I am totally new to all these tools/technology. I dont know anything about MIS reporting but can understand about SLA or related terminology a bit.

Is it better if i go with Windows Server 2003 and further (active directory service, exchange server etc) or is it ok if i can go ahead with ITIL and learning more. Do I get any interview calls if I do ITIL foundation certification with this technical background?

I may sound bit ignorant in some of the lines above. I hope you understand my situation and guide me through.

Thanks in Advance.

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, October 23, 2010 :
Hi Vinod,

The point is not whether you have been working in technical support for 4 years - the point is whether you see it leading you somewhere. Most people who get to some point in their career have the quality of "vision"  in varying degrees - they see the future before it occurs in the physical and adjust their present actions to achieve their future vision. Where there is no vision, guess what, there is only confusion.

It's okay if you start off like that, however, without a clear direction you will get swept away with each passing trend. I would advise you to first complete your ITIL foundation and understand what service delivery is all about. This is the base - once the core concepts are clear it will not matter which tool you are using, whether HP OVSC or CA Unicenter Service Desk, the core ITIL principles being the same, the tools only aim to implement these. But if your understanding of ITIL itself is not clear, you will keep trying to master each new tool that comes along and which grabs the market share which in my opinion, is a futile exercise.

Also, try to grow technically in atleast 1 core area - server management, for example. This will also boost your career in a big way.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
    - Helen Keller


Sainath Sherigar,

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