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Hi, i am Snehal, 24 yrs old. I am a Electronic & Communctn graduate and have a 3+ years of experience in the Digital Media Domain both development and testing. My expertise is basically in STB, technology like IPTV etc. However, for the past 5 months I have been put into some kind of R&D work then into proposal writing etc etc. As you must be aware how does a service based Telecom company typically works. During this period of 3 years, I have completed my M.S from BITS-Pilani through distance education program. I have very good managerial skills which is always appreciated by my managers too. I have many options to decide from
1. Leave the company and search for a job (however, for this I have to locate outside my current location which my parents will not be happy about)
2. Pursue MBA from a good insitutue like Symbi
3. Switch my domain (as I am bored to death with no live projects. I am also being offered some on-site opportunities in other domain in my company for long t

kapil's Advice on Sunday, September 13, 2009 :

Your domain is very niche. STB programing i think needs programming in real time operating system RTOS and embedded softwares. This field is in great demand many embedded companies are working in this. But I think downturn have hit these comapnies hard. That is the reason why ur comany first pur you in R&D and letter in proposal writing. Becuase your company must be looking for new clients and project.

Good to know your managerial skills are good. Proposal writing is part of the job of a manager. Proposals , interacting with clients are growth patterns in a company . I think this has been good opportunity for you to learn other soft skills .

I think you are confused about grow in manager line and also bored because you have no live project to explore more technically. This will definately happen as you grow. This is time to make decision for you...

There are many options and personal constraint( MBA from symbiosis can be side by side ). Switching domain or leaving company is again a decision based on type of opportunity. But situation may be same in other domains too.

It is live project that you should look for whether in this or other company.

You carefully weigh all options and associted factors and then decide...



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