want to work as a .net programmer. 2009 passed out

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i completed my btech in 2009. After that i joined in a coaching institute to learn .net. i attended an interview. They offer me, that they give a client projects and then i can get good experience in working projects without salary for 45 days. i accepted and joined. Now 45 days is almost completed and i feel there is no progress in me which i thought that it would be. Now it is 2010, and i know .net only. Also i lost advantage of fresher because 2010 freshers are already started. So many people are advising me to put a fake certificate and attend interview, and i don't want to do like that. Any thoughtful application is there to solve my problem to get a job?

Sainath's Advice on Monday, November 01, 2010 :

Please do not use fake experience certificates - background checks are very strong now and once blacklisted you will regret the action over a lifetime.

You need to work on your core skills - .Net 4.0,Asp.Net, SQL Server,etc. The market is improving continuously, there is no reason you will not get a break unless your knowledge is weak in the fundamentals.

Sainath Sherigar

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