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Respected Sir,

I am an Engineering graduate in CSE 2010 batch. I didnt able to find any job till now and also trying now.
In the mean time i get one opportunity from a small company located nearer to my hometown Mangalore. But the
problem is they told that they require VB.NET knowledge to work there. But i didnt studied it in engineering career, so they told me to do one course in it and then come. The company is not large one, as it is running by two couples who was very well experience in this field in America and also they employed only two diploma graduates as they come to India in June this year and started their company in one of the college incubation centre.
Now i have some doubts regarding this, please advice me Sir,

1. VB.NET developer have any well future as like Java and other .NET langauges developer ?
2.If i joined this small firm means, i can able to get any work experience qualification to get join in any MNC after some time ?
3.If i may get any problem to join MNC, because i learned VB.NET in course only, not in academic education?
4.If it is possible to shift my career to other platforms like Java Developer after some experience in VB.NET ?
5.If it is possible to shift my career to other platforms like C#.NET,ASP.NET Developer after some experience in VB.NET ?
6.If they do some outsourcing projects to someone, i think, at that time these projects will add my experience ?

Thanking You Sir.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, November 07, 2010 :

Please refer to my answers below, in the same order:

1. There is nothing wrong in starting off in VB.Net, but you should gradually move towards C#. Java is a completely separate career path -  also a very good path in itself. At your career stage, any real programming experience is good.

2. Most people I know started off in small firms - the advantage is that you will need to do everything. Please check the below link - should give you food for thought.

3. Not at all - any MNCs are looking for skilled people, where you have learnt the same is not not very important.

4. Yes - because programming concepts are fundamentally the same,syntax keeps varying

5. Yes - very much so. Just get started.

6. For a fresher - any experience is good experience. Just put your hands into the grease - you will learn a lot.


Sainath Sherigar,

Pavansshetty said on Monday, November 08, 2010

Thank you very much sir for your precious advice.
Also, if i am getting any doubts in future career means i will ask you sir, please. Once again thank you sir.

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