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Im a begginer in programming, what advice can you give me in terms of studies(which part should I more concentrate on). Im programming in C# and and the hardest part is practicing with a right direction or objective to complete project which will incorporate of more (step by step methodology)aspect in programming until I become solid. My aim and objective is to acquire the right skill to become a Developer

Thank you

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, November 07, 2010 :

If I were to give you only 1 piece of advice to learn programming - I would say this. Get your fundamentals absolutely rock solid before focusing on any technology - don't get swept away by all the hype. In short,

  • Learn the C# language in detail - thoroughly. Understand all the constructs and concepts. There are many good books available - Jesse Liberty (Oreilly) is a good starting point. Also get your .Net fundamentals in order.
  • Understand OOAD - Object Oriented Analysis & Design. I learnt it using "OOAD - by Grady Booch", till date it remains one of the best references. One warning - this is not one of the easiest of books which you can understand in 1 reading - but the efforts will help in the long run
Apart from this, you can check the below link which gives information on projects you can learn a lot from:

Also, the below advice by Rajesh on essential skills for web development is really good, please check the same


Sainath Sherigar,

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