BizTalk , BI , Sharepoint ?

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Hello all,
I am a Computer Engineer and just got job in a Multinational company. I have a few options to choose from and i am confused as being a fresh graduate i do not know much about the new technologies.

1- BizTalk
2- Sharepoint
3- Business intelligence
4- .Net

Kindly, guide me. Which one to select for the career start.

Thank you in advance.
Behroz Sikander

Kapil's Advice on Monday, December 06, 2010 :
All these technologies are very good and have good scope in future. 
I will advise you to chose field based on you interest. However, 1,2&3 are tool specific where as .Net is more generic and will help you build your skill in many areas but will also need more effort and more competition.  

- Biz talk have been Microsoft's only product for integration and SOA(Service Oriented Architect) development. You will have to integrate multiple systems and create resource adapters for talking to them. This will require extensive development using .Net WCF technology.
(Integration Layer)

- SharePoint is Microsoft' Content Management System, for building sites, portal for collaboration. It is very much in demand. You will have to build the Web Parts for building portals.
(Presentation Layer)

- Business Intelligence is very advance and specialized field. Data warehouse, Mater Data Management, Business Analytics are very much in demand. 
(Data layer)

.Net -  is the core foundation of the above products and field. You will need .Net for any kind of development in all above fields (except Business Intelligence which will be using the tools).        
Here, I presume you will be building application from end-2-end presentation layer, middleware, integration and data-access layer.

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