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hi sir i am B-Tech 2009 pass out through computer science and engg.My college was not so got so there was no placement any how i managed to get a job in June2010 in a very small company.currently i,m working in the same company from last 6 months on Microsoft Dynamics CRM...After working here as an software developer i realized that i,m not good at all in development. When question comes to create any logic or work on any project i just get messed up.I want to mention that though my Comm Skills are very much good and got appreciated many times by my Boss for that.All i want to Ask is that i am thinking to move in a field related to IT where i don't have to go in dev.Now i realized that the kind of job i want is... In which i can Travel,interact with people manage them.Give presentations etc.But i,m confused weather i should do MBA for this or is there any field where i can Enter as an Fresher and get a job like this...?Please help me i shall be very thankful to you.

Kapil's Advice on Monday, December 06, 2010 :
It seems your qualification is more suited for developer and technical skills but your aptitude is more of Sales and marketing.
You can get sales and marketing job in FCMG companies where you can get your job as fresher. It will be no different from people who have done BA or BSc, because you have nothing to show as your credentials. Your comm skills and some domain experience of CRM can help you in someway.  

However, I will advise you to do MBA course,anyway if not now after 1-2 year, to build a good foundation for building a good career in this field.  

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