.Net v/s Java, what does the future hold?

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I want to know future of the .net technologies professional compare with java professonals ,
java is an open source technologies so what is need to invest inoe the payable .net technologies
and also i need to know the current status of these technologies and whot would be in the future?

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, January 15, 2011 :

This debate has been going on for many years - it started even before the 1st .Net version was released towards the beginning of this decade. In a nutshell, client organizations choose to use a particular technology based on many factors like current enterprise architecture, TCO (total cost of ownership), etc. In the final analysis. organizations choose those technologies which give them maximum competitive advantage. For example - one of the key factors for organizations to succeed is time to market i.e. how quickly they can launch a business idea.All business ideas need software services to support them. The deciding factor on which technology to choose will depend on how quickly the software can be developed and not on the license cost alone. This is where factors like richness of the IDE becomes an important factor.

Both .Net and Java are here to stay - only thing is you should specialize in 1 of them. Do not try to learn everything that is available, else you will fall between the stools.

Sainath Sherigar,

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