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Hi experts,

I am karthik. I have 2.7 Years of Experience in ASP.NET. Currectly I am working in USA Based MNC. Which is a Product Based Company. As It is Produect Based here work would be routine (Development & Maintaince) .

As of now, My Company Top Level Management says My Performance is really good. They satisy.

I Want to know , What should be my career direction here after, I want some advices from all of you like Is there any cource which extends my experience and also gets good salary.

If There are any cources such please suggest me. which helps me for long run also.

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, January 15, 2011 :

Firstly, no matter which company you join, you will always be in development or maintenance. Over a period of time it does become routine but that is how things are in most cases.

The fact that your organization has appreciated your performance so far is a good foundation to build on. You need to think deeply on what it is that you want to achieve career-wise in the next 3-4 years. The usual career path is

Software Engineer -> Sr. Software Engineer -> Module Lead -> Tech Lead / Team Lead -> Architect / Project Manager

At this point, you need to target towards becoming a Senior SE. How do you do that? Check out the JDs on job sites of what is expected from a senior SE. Measure your skills against what the market expects and identify gaps, areas where improvement is possible. Choose 1 such area and start learning the same in your free time, on weekends and build your skills. Perhaps you can also aim to get certified in the area. From this period onwards, it is all about learning specialized skills 1 skill at a time. And always compare yourself against what the market expects - there is no point in being recognized as a big fish in a small pond. The only true measure of your abilities is the market, and the market never lies and gives immediate feedback, positive of negative.

Also, once you learn some new skills, complete some certifications, people in your current company will start noticing it. It is at this time that you should ask for higher responsibilities, what is required for you to achieve the next level of promotion,etc. You need to ask politely and not arrogantly, and do not pester. Since you have already built a good foundation in your current company, first you need to explore all possibilities of going up to the next level there itself. Let us assume that you do not get a pay hike or promotion, even in that case if you have been upgrading your skills as mentioned above you will be very strongly positioned by market standards and will get a good break anyway. Also, you can try to move to the next level of promotion at the point of the interview provided it has gone well. If done correctly and tactfully, you can achieve both the goals - growth in role and salary at this point itself.

There are plenty of good courses on offer - for example, check out the trainings on is 1 such source.

Hope this has helped you.

Sainath Sherigar

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