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Let me tell u something about me so u can give me proper guidance. I am a girl. At present i m working as jr.developer in software company. I have signed 2yr bond here. My company is rated as cmmi5 level recently. As i m fresher i choose this company as a good opportunity for starting my career. I got training in this company in .net but working in sharepoint as its new technology for me i am learning as well as working.

Now my confusion is i joined before 5 months but uptill i can not get any live work in sharepoint. I mean if any requirements comes most of the times my senior done that so up till now i m not aware about what kind of client requirements in sharepoint. And my senior do not tell me anything. but if my senior behaves this way all the times how can i got experience in sharepoint. So what i need to do in this case. As u r aware of the market there is no place for fresher. Each & every company requires experienced and skilled person but in my case if they not given me any work then how can i got experience in sharepoint...? I know .net but not worked in that.

What should i do changed the company...?
If i m tries for another company then tries for .Net or sharepoint....?
As i mentioned earlier i have signed 2yr bond in this company.
Please help me...

Thanks & regards in advance.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, December 26, 2010 :
Hi Rachana,

Changing the company is not the solution - moreover, it is not possible since the 2 year bond has been signed. You will need to make the best use of this mandatory 2 years to be spent in the company.

Firstly - are you ready technically to handle an assignment in .Net or Sharepoint on a production system. If no, then it is difficult for you to get to work on the live system, Senior people in the project will not take the risk. However, if you feel you have the required amount of knowledge and are being given a raw deal you can speak about this to the manager whom you report to in the hierarchy.Please try to solve the problem - don't think of quitting at the 1st instance of trouble.

Sainath Sherigar

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