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Dear Sir,

I have done Computer science and read some books (C,C# and the problem is that i can get concept from the book but i can't develop or code some thing by myself. now i am totaly frustrated and think for other (Management) carrer. Plz advice me that how can i able to do by my ownself.


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011 :

Learning programming or for that matter any skill usually goes through 2 stages:

(1) Understanding the concept i.e. gaining knowledge

This is done by reading books, reading tutorials, trying some examples, etc

(2) Applying the concept to real world situations i.e converting the knowledge into skill

This can be done by
  • Utilizing the knowledge gained in projects
  • Working on open source projects ex. codeplex to develop your skills

Basically, one needs to practice hard to convert the theoretical knowledge into solid skills. There are many steps in this process - initially you will learn concepts, design simple modules. Later on you will need to design architectures, etc and work out the optimal solutions for real-world problems. This is why we recommend that one needs to practice using the various project related scenarios shared by Microsoft.

If this done not appeal to you or you are unable to learn new things in this fashion, then programming may probably not be the right field for you.

You cannot jump into a management role with no real solid skills and real-world experience. In fact, the best managers have spent years in each role and graduated into a managerial role only when fully ready. Short cuts if taken will eventually have disastrous consequences.

Sainath Sherigar,

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