Working for more than 4years in a company will effect the careers?

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I am working with a company for past 4 years. I have signed two years bond at time of joining. now my bond has been completed. I have 4 years experience in,VB.Net,Sql Server and 6month exp in Silverlight. I want to change the company. Now my questions are:-

1. Is it fine to mention 4years exp. in same company in CV or should i divide my exp. into two companies by making fake certificate?
2. I don't have exp. in C#. Does it considered as a negative point?
3. What if i still work with same company?


Sainath's Advice on Saturday, January 15, 2011 :

As mentioned many times already in my replies, faking your experience is a big risk in this era where background verification is done by professional agencies. It can damage your career permanently.

Since you know the other .Net base technologies, you can scale up by learning C# atleast in theory and by being "project ready", meaning, if you are given an assignment in C# you should be able to execute it. If you are clear with the concepts of OOAD and the C# syntax there shouldn't be a problem.

Rapidly changing jobs just fo the sake of change is not the right approach - rather you should analyze yourself at the end of 6 months to 1 year and see if you are learning new things and growing consistently in your job. If the current employer is good and is providing opportunities to grow both technically and by way of additional responsibilities then you should not opt for a change. However, if you are stagnating doing the same work and immediate line managers are not really mentoring you to take up new roles then you should start looking for a change.

Sainath Sherigar

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