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Myself Bhavesh , I have completed my MCA from Sardar Patel University, vidyanagar, I had given my interview for job in But i am not been selected , Even though I was knowing the answer , but i couldn't express it perfectly.I have good knowledge of . But still not getting job. So give me some tips to crack interview.

What should be answer of Following question which has been asked to me.
- Where can i see ur self after 2 or 3 year ?
- How will optimize searching capability from Database ?
and many more .

I have secure 70 % in my 10th , 12th BCA and MCA. I truly speaking i don't have knowledge of WFP,WCF,web service, silver light .
I know server control, some of ajax functionality ,and some javascript

Pl z guide me

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 :
I think you know that you do not know .Net, that is the reason you are not able to clear the interview.

ASP.Net is not .Net, it is much more than that.  Unless, you learn .Net 3.5 and 4.0, I think you will not stand a chance in any .Net interview. So start learning these technologies to able to crack the interview. 

If you know these technologies and have worked in them for sometime, interviewer will know of your experience even if you have difficult in expressing yourself. But if you learn by heart only the answers to few questions , I think you will be wasting your time and chances of interview. 

Prepare and be honest to yourself whether you actually know .Net not just few control and simple Javascript.   

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