Very much Confused and Frustrated in taking decision about my career

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I am sephali. I am working with a software company since 2007. I have about 3.10 yrs of exp in .net field. Yesterday night I was thinking what I have done in this 4 yrs. I am not a good programmer. Within this period I have not got good increment. I know this time also it will happen. I always try to do good coding. but This never happens. How much time I will give myself to improve. I am afraid If I stick to this then can I get success?
Now I have decided to do something different in which I can do my best. But don't know in which area I can prove myself.
These days all the negative thoughts are moving around my mind. I am very much frustrated. Please help me out of this.
- Is Testing a good option for me or please advice me any other option.
- If I shifted to Testing will this hamper my career?
- I am just confused. Please understand my situation and give me suggestions.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, January 23, 2011 :

Success does not happen on it's own - we have to make it happen. What you are experiencing right now is the result of putting your last 4 years under the magnifying glass and doing a ruthless self-analysis, which, in my opinion, is a positive step in the right direction.

"The door to self-improvement only opens from within."
    - Burke Hedges in the book "You,Inc"

Changing the field and hoping to succeed will definitely not work, as your success is dependent on you and not the field in which you are working. Of course, we have to be honest and truthful in our self-analysis and figure out whether we are suited to a career choice or not, but just jumping into a different stream will not help unless you have done a thorough analysis, set clear goals, have at least a basic plan of action and work on it everyday.

There are no quick fixes, however, I can suggest the following:

Step 1 : Accept and realize that something is wrong - by what you have stated above, this is already done

Step 2 : Analyze why things are not working out - you need to list down reasons why your coding skill is not upto the mark. What is the feedback you have received from superiors and peers in this regard?

Step 3: List down your areas of strength - every human being is gifted with sufficient areas of strength, unfortunately, very few of us use it or even realize what we have.

Good increments follow good results at work - first, we need to identify what is going wrong before making an attempt to fix it. Please complete this exercise before moving onto the next step.

Sainath Sherigar,

Sephali said on Monday, January 24, 2011


As step 1 is already done. I am going to step 2. "why mycoding skill is not upto the mark?" . I guess few reasons for this.
- I am not interested in coding.
- Still I try hard to write good code, but dont get success. Working hard is not sufficient for a developer. He/she need to work smartly. Which I don't know. After 4 yrs still I need someone to guide me and help me in coding. So I don't want to work like this.
I am thinking I can do good in Testing. Thats why I want to shift to a new technology.
- Frankly speaking I dont know what is my strength. I only know my weaknesses. But still I think I can do my best in Testing.

Please advice me.

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