Completed one year with no projects..will it affect my career growth?

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Hi experts,
Its better to explain about me first so that you guys can get me a solution/suggestion.
Am a 2009 passed out B.E graduate from Electronics and Communication domain.
I got placement from a renowned services company through on-campus recruitment.
I joined the company on some day in jan'10 and in first two months i was given a very general training involving all basic technologies like OOPs,Core Java,Servlets & JSP,SQL etc.,Then i was asked to submit a mini project in J2EE as an entry level assessment in my project team.Though i was new to this i somehow managed to do that and got appreciations even from my team for my work.Then i was put in an internal enhancement project involving java and flex.I worked in that for 4 months and have done my part very well and my manager was very comfortable with my works.Then i was assigned in the cloud CoE which they started newly in our company and i was doing some bits and bytes of works given by my seniors for the rest of the year.Now at the new year jan 2011, i was assigned in microsoft CoE and am asked to learn .net,c# as well dynamics crm..i am comfortable with crm and managed to get two certifications in that.But don't know what the hell is happening i couldn't understand or get myself comfortable with the .net and c#,though i managed to perform good in new techs(for me) like flex and java in my prev project.Here in the new CoE they are not giving me any training to me in this MS.I am very afraid and turned dumb to this MS techs and am ashamed of myself.In addition with this as i have completed one year in my career i don't have any client exposure yet and i have done only a simple internal project so far.As now even am in this new CoE they said that only after learning .net,c# and completing three certifications in dynamic crm they will give us the project.Now my doubt is,as i din do any client(!) project yet,will it affect my career growth?am i in a wrong place?People in CoE kind of works wont do any delivery projects?is this the common practice in all companies?what should i do now?How can i gain expertise in MS techs?

Am very frustrated and hope could understand my state clearly reading out such a long text.
Please help me in this,i don't have any other fellow to ask these doubts.
Thanks in advance.

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 :
Now my doubt is,as i din do any client(!) project yet,will it affect my career growth?
Client project is definately required. You actually do not get to learn the actual experience and challenges unless you have now worked in actual challenging scenario. You also lose out on learning beat practices of the development. 
The knowledge usually is theoretical unless you are in a live project.

am i in a wrong place?People in CoE kind of works wont do any delivery projects?
CoE stands for center of excellence. companies have these groups where they maintain pool of people specialize in one technologies. But pool is actually maintained for supporting actual live projects. 
CoEs people are supposed to be expert in their technology, expertise will only come by facing real challenges not training etc.
So if you have not got a chance to work in live project for one year after being in 3 CoE, then you are in wrong place.   

is this the common practice in all companies?
Maintaining CoE is common practice but not utilizing their CoE resources for live project is not. It is also not cosst effective to maintain CoEs and now use it. 

What should i do now?How can i gain expertise in MS techs?
There is no harm in learning MS tech. You will learn it the same way you learned earlier technologies. Training, self learning and creating  internal projects to learn fundamentals.  You already know basic stuff like OOPs. Rest is almost same and simpler because MS technologies have better tools like Visual Studio for development than Java.  
But on side, I think you should start looking for a change!!!  Start feeling the market and type of requirements. Starting giving interviews. Refresh your earlier skills and enhance based on the questions asked.  

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