What are all the documents necessary while resigning from a software firm?

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What are all the documents necessary while resigning from a software firm?
I dont have the offer letter.
But i got experience letter which contain date of join and date of resignation.
Also i have a reliving letter which shows date of relieving.
I want to know whether offer letter is necessary
If i attend an interview in MNC(say infosys,wipro) will they ask for previous offer letter.
please explain me in detail.if the offer letter is necessary i have to get it from my company.
Thanks a lot.

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Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 :

Companies could ask for experience/relieving letter, offer/appointment letter.  MNCs can also ask for previous offer or appointment letter. They can also ask for your last payslip, salary breakup etc.   
In fact, because of some recurring problem of fake experiences and resume companies have gone more strict and there is a complete process of background verification for last 9 years (including education and degree) by MNCs. This process is out sourced by most of the companies to external agencies. 
In this process of background verification, they may call your previous companies to inquire if you have worked there at the mentioned period.

There are sites where you can register and get yourself verified by paying a fees. Or MNCs like IBM etc. pay your fees during recruitment to get you verified.

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