Whcih Master Degree and @ where it would Suits me?

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Hi Advisors,

I am an Sathya who did my B.sc Mathematics in Annamalai university through correspondence, and with eager to become an software engineer i joined GNIIT software Engineer and now doing my professional practice (one year industrial training) that is working as an software developer in .net platform in small concern, wright now i planning to do my master degree MCA in INGOU,
Kindly advice me
1.whether its good choice to do in INGOU or i should prefer ANNA UNIV, I am having contrint in ANNA Univ I cannot able to attend eve class(compulsory) while working.
2.Whether my B.sc degree through corres would affect my future for software development career.
3.Or I should prefer any other Master Degree, If yes kindly let me know the course details.

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, February 08, 2011 :

Sathya, it is true that correspondance course is not cosidered highly in any MNC. But given that you have joined GNIIT and doing a professional course in software. You need to get a placement in a software commpany.  

Companies do take people coming out from these professional courses like GNIIT if they clear the interviews. So you need to have strong fundamentals of software programming.

I would advice you to start looking for companies based on your skills and see the reactions.  Create a resume and float in market for freshers job. Talk to some job consultant to find out what  how are you placed. If you can get a job in software company then you can later think about doing the MCA.

If the response is not good then you should think about the MASTERS degree.

The courses are usually chosen by reputation of the institution and the placement.

Success of past Campus Selection and type of companies which visit the institution for job placement is very very important factor in deciding on the institution and course.

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