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1. I am a software engineer with 2 years and 8 months experience working with web applications
2. This is my first company(cmmi level 3 in Gujarat) after academic training obtained at the same place for B.E(I.T.) 8th sem.
3. I am working in the same live project (vast ERP application with now a team of 10) from last 1 and a half year but major period as a shadow resource(not billable).
4. We have a yearly appraisal system, which appraised me 2 times till now 20% 1st time and 19% 2nd time (which was a result of negotiation on 14% also was reported less then average performance at the time). The 3rd one is awaited now in 2 months.
5. Before 4-5 months was very much frustrated and started giving interviews and staying live to newer technologies and preparing for MCTS exams along with some project work also I got to do in co.
6. Expecting atleast 1 offer out of 5-6 attempts also, did not receive any and again diverged myself to focus only on mcts preparations and asked for better work to my boss.
Again, At that point of time was told that it is due to performance which was not at all expected or believable. Also note here that the Boss I have referred here is nmy immediate reporting authority but is HOD who collects performance reports from his subordinates and our authorities .
7. Recently, I again started to live with market and is rewarded with 1st round of technical pass through in 4 different companies (all small-scale then my current one except one that is a CMMI 3). Current Status for each one of them is call for second round.
8. Also, was called by my HOD before few days and asked to target for MCPD and learn sharepoint and silverlight.

I humbly request to consider all the above information and provide me with detailed advice on proceeding including the hike percentage and all please.


Sainath's Advice on Monday, February 14, 2011 :

Firstly, the hike percentages you have got in your current organization is not all that bad.So kindly look at things in the right perspective.

Getting frustrated on not getting selected is not the solution, everyone including the people on this panel have had to go through rejection, it is inevitable. But have you tried to analyze why this is happening and taken any steps to improve your chances for the next interview. Proceeding ahead with certifications is also good, but at the same time let this not be an  escape for doing an honest self-analysis of why things haven't worked out so far.The hike percentage you can ask for depends on various factors - one of them being how good the interview was,how badly the company needs your services,etc. A lot of times it is best to delay this discussion as much as possible and let the potential employers give the offer, the reason being that we do not know what is their budget and may make the mistake of asking first and under-selling ourselves.

Sainath Sherigar,

Jt said on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello Sainath,

Thanks a lot.
Its right. Frustration is not the solution of not getting selected.

I have worked upon it very hard and recently have landed up with 2-3 reasonable offers. One of the purpose for it was to gain confidence and know the market feedback as always recommended.

Again at this stage I would like to know whether actually I should go for a change or not considering all the same factors as above.
Additionally, the offer is from a same level company , that is as of now can't say it a better one then my current company , and am interested to switch to a much better company (good MNC) as soon as possible.

How shall i proceed ...currently go ahead with the offer and switch to get advancement in directions like hike, role, exposure, development and continue preparing for mnc's or prepare it staying in my current company?

Am really confused in taking a decision and would be glad again with your help by recommendations please.

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 :
There are advantages and disadvantages for both options.Let us consider these:

Existing company:
  • Know the company culture
  • Have figured out how to study for certifications while fulfilling the job responsibilities

  • Nothing new to learn

New company:

  • Initially you will need to spend time to establish yourself

  • May actually give you opportunities to grow

You need to evaluate the pros and cons entirely for both the options and then come to an informed decision.

Sainath Sherigar

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