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Hello all,

I would like to thank the respective members of dotnetfunda.com who have replied back with their suggestion to my query on carer advice.

Further with reference to your reponse http://www.dotnetfunda.com/advices/a22-carrer-advice-needed.aspx
in the above link.I have a few more queires.

What iam planning is to get into Functional Consultant for a specific domain,esp the Finance one.
What iam relly worried of is being a Science student will i be able to understand the concetps and process of Finance domain.

Can you please advice more on this or let me know if there are any certification/courses related to Finance or other domain which would help me out.

Many Thanks in advance

sainath's Advice on Monday, September 14, 2009 :
Hi Ramanathan,

Firstly, it is good to know that you have better clarity of vision and have decided upon a clear end point now.

Having a Science background will not work against you - almost everyone who has built some kind of financial software has had to learn the domain from the ground up.Do you think financial products like Finacle,Flexcube,etc were built only by financial experts - obviously not.Programming is an area which involves a lot of analysis and
understanding a domain is part of the deal.

Within the Finance domain also, many areas of specialisation are available:

1) Commercial banking - Ex.State Bank of India. Core banking software solutions are a great area to work in. Foreign exchange, treasury operations, are complex areas to know.

2) Investment banking - for ex. organisations like Bank of America,JP Morgan Chase,etc. These organisations always have heavy IT investments due to the variety of financial instruments they deal in.

3) The Stock Exchange and associated financial instruments like derivatives, futures and options. IT has a strong presence here as well.

4) Insurance - Be it life insurance, general insurance,etc the presence of IT is strong.

No single person can know all of the above - you have to once again, pick and choose based on your own preferences.There is no single "silver bullet" course which will help you - however, many organisations offer quality courses targeting professionals which will help you build your knowledge base. Also you will need to glean information from many sources - some of which I know of are listed below:

Commercial banking
www.iibf.org.in - Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
www.rbi.org.in - the RBI circulars are a tremendous source of information. However, you need to have a fundamental understanding of the banking domain to use this effectively.

Investment banking
www.investopedia.com - fantastic site to understand financial terms,concepts

The NSE,BSE and UTIICM offer some good courses

www.insuranceinstituteofindia.com - They have brought out some quality books on understanding insurance.

The choice and options are vast. You could probably commence from what you already know and have experience in and grow the same to a higher level.


Sainath Sherigar

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