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I have receiv ed 2 offers - 1 from wipro and other from CTS

CTS profile - gives me an option to work on a specific product - niche skillset
Wipro profile - is more generic

from a long term point of view which 1 is better? Also how will be the work cuture & pressure in these 2 companies?


Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, March 01, 2011 :
I have always suggested people to grow in roles rather chose between X or Y technologies.

In Software Industry to grow you must grow in roles. Technologies keeps coming and going. People should grow in capabilities.
To grow in a technical line .
better developer --> better module designer --> better system designer --> better product architect --> Enterprise Architect

To grow in managerial line.
better team member --> better supervisor --> better module lead --> better project leader --> project manager --> Account manager --> CEO.

Decide, between the offers which give more opportunity of growing in roles. 

Both companies are top consultancy companies. Culture and Pressure in general is same in both.

Specifically, it is very specific to a group and project and project manager as to the culture and pressure.  One project in a same company may have high pressure whereas other project may have no pressure at all.  It is also the stage at whch project is in, initial phases may have low pressure and delivery time will have more pressures.

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