What are the things need to explain in the Tell me about self interview Question?

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In my interview panel all are asking the first question is Tell me about yourself.

What are the things need to explain in the Tell me about self interview Question?

Please tell me the things step by step.


Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, March 01, 2011 :
"Tell me about yourself" is starting questions. 
In answer to this question you usually start with your introduction and education background and your career growth  from your start to present. You explain about experiences, technologies, important projects  and companies you worked for. 
This question has two main objective.  

First, is to make you feel comfortable. Because rarely will somebody start asking questions directly. 
It also is question to allow time for interviewer to glance at your resume and your experience. Because when you are explaining about your past experiences in your career, he can stop and ask you about clarifications. 

Second, it also sets up the foundation for future direction of your  interview because you are now prepared and at ease to take harder and pointed questions. And also you can answering your questions reference your past experiences to back your answers like how did you solve a problem of similar nature in one of your past projects.   

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