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I have done MCA.Now I am currently working in small it company since last 2
months. But now I realise that I am not able for development bacuase My grassping power is low, and I require more time to understand the new things.So I am thingking to chage my career track,which have better future, more money.So please suggest me track or career option to me, like s/w testing ,data warehouse.
Please fill free to give me suggestion.

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, March 01, 2011 :
None of the track options your are asking are possible with low grasping power. S/W testing and datawarehouse all need high grasping power . They basically build on the advance concepts and need to be built upon and learnt. 
Low grasping power and minimum effort is not an option in any skill industry. Throughout your life new skill have to be adopted and beside this is IT is field of maximum change and disruption. Nobody can predict which technology will survive and which will die. 

However, you can decide you career between managerial and technical line if you think your interest is not in technical line and your aptitude is more managerial and people oriented.  In this line your skill are more towards people management , but here again grasping power needs to be high because you would have to lead technical people from front.   

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