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My age is 25 , I Have Done my B Sc IT from mumbai after that done M Sc IT in 2010 through distance education while doing M Sc I was also working as faculty in computer class, teaching subjects like (c,c++,java,,c3,sql etc) but my aim was to work in IT company as develpoer so i left that job after completeing M Sc gaining 1.3 yrs of experience. after that i joined IT comapny as Developer but i am not satisfied with job profile since i am working on only reports(RDLC) since last 5 months and may continue for next 3 months, i am very confused what to do i am not getting anything good to learn . i am thinking to leave the company and search a better one so that i will get to learn . plz suggest what should i do in such situation ... also guide me some certification / courses which will help me / should i go for MBA ..

thanks in advance

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, March 01, 2011 :
It is very important to understand when joining the company what would you be working on. You are right in searching for the new job. In fact, you should always be in search for better opportunities and keep updating yourself with more advance and new features of the technologies you know. 

I would suggest go ahead and search for better job. Survey market and find out which jobs description matches with your existing skills. Further study on those skills and update yourself with new features in those technologies.  
MBA as such wont help you in IT career since it is more of management line. 
Certification courses are good thing  find the area which you are strong in and would like to continue, pursue it and learn and then go ahead for its certification.

Also try to learn other things beside Syntax  for better interview perspective:
     - Object oriented programming 
     - Technology components of the language (ASP.NET controls, life cycle, ADO.NET control etc. etc.)   
     - New things of latest .Net Frameworks (EF)
     - etc.        

     - IDE  Tools for development 
     - Version Control 
     - Auto Build/Deploy 
     - Code checker  
     - Testing Tools  - ACT
     - Code Generators - .Net EntityFramework  (Model Driven Development)
       - SDLC
            - Design (UML, Classes etc.)
            - Version control process (chec-in , check-out,)
            - Testing
            - Security 

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