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I would like to thank the respective members of who have replied back with their suggestion to my query on carer advice.
Sir I have one Query,If i do .net right now and after some times i will want to shift in DBA field.would this experience be useful for that or not? OR should i join any other courses that will be useful For DBA And also Help me to get a job quickly because i have some problem and i want to do DBA course later Please suggest me for choose a best option.

kapil's Advice on Sunday, September 20, 2009 :

If you .Net now and DBA later, surely experience will be very helpful. All these knowledges and experiences are related.

When you deal with data you deal with databases.

So if you learn .Net and when you make an application. Every application has front-end which represents a screen and back-end for persisiting data that you enter on the screen. When you persist data you need to know database, model the database, model queries for retrieving the data and model queries for storing the data. This will give you insight into databases.   

In database side, SQL Server you use .Net languauges to write the procedures. You using your .Net experience you can write procedures and also appreciate the optmization and tuning required at the database side.



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