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I am working as a network administrator in a US based company in Hyderabad Experience 4 years. I am Technically OK and I am looking forward for a better career in the same field. I have also enquired about the courses that will help me for a growth in my field. My V.P in the current organization told me to do ITIL V3 foundation certification course as it will be helpful to the organization as well as for personal growth. The course outline for this course seems to be totally non technical and I would like to know if it will help my career as a Network Administrator to get better pay and whether it will be useful for me with the current designation that I hold in the organization. It would be great if you could reply back the scenarios in which this ITIL course will be useful in my job. I tried in the internet to get the details on what exactly they cover in this course and I was not able to get the required information wrt to my designation.

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Sainath's Advice on Sunday, March 13, 2011 :

Broadly speaking, there are 2 career paths available, technical and managerial. 

ITIL is a proven and time-tested standard and is widely accepted across the world now. As a network administrator your overall job profile falls under the "service delivery" umbrella and ITIL is the proven standard for executing service delivery efficiently. Success of any process depends upon how well it is being followed by staff in their regular work - hence, success of ITIL implementation depends on how well all the service delivery staff - network administrators, Exchange admins,DBAs, etc know and follow it. For this reason - the ITIL foundation knowledge is important. While you may not be consciously aware of it - you are following incident management, problem management, change management to some extent even now. Once you have understood ITIL - you will do your current assignments better which will automatically lead to career growth. WIth customers - it is not just the quality of the technical solution, it is more to do with how much "value" is being provided. This shift in thinking needs you to understand ITIL. Moreover, the industry is becoming increasingly mature and SLA implementations are becoming stricter by the day, knowing ITIL gives you an edge in this area.

Sainath Sherigar,

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