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hello sir,
i completed my mca in 2007 and did job for 6 months as junior programmers, but due to circumstances i left my job and now i want to come back ...i did .net course and want to be in my interest area .. should i do it once again or learn any latest course and go accordingly ...should i go through any consultancy or job sites as i dont have any references should i give new start ???
thank you

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011

The technologies changes are very rapid. A lot must have changed from last time you did a course. So you will have to start learning afresh. You should start exploring the market and start looking a job description and expectations from your side in interviews.

There is nothing like either or OR in searching for job. You should try all avenues which are possible in getting a job be it consultancies, job sites , personal contacts etc. Try them all.

Start learning by course, self-study, doing mock-projects, step-by-step tutorials, interview questions books.  Find areas of deep study and then go full fledge leanring. After gaining some confidence go for interview.

Creta a good resume, with your past experience . Your learnings and be prepared for answers for your leaving job.

Be prepared for first few failures and definately success will come as you get more mature in giving interviews and type of questions being asked.

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