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Hi I am working in small firm from last 13 months. I have knowledge of c#, jQuery, MVC, XSLT etc
now I want to change my company to gain much better package and projects.
I want to learn something or have to pass exams like MCTS etc.

from where should I start?

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011 :

For a general guideline you can check the below link.

However, at 13 months of experience you can plan things a little better. It is one thing to target things in bulk, but it is always smarter to identify your target clearly after doing some analysis and focus on the right skills in the right order (prioritizing what to learn first and what to learn next). It's called the guided missile philosophy - identify your target clearly and track your movement clearly to ensure that you hit your target.

Steps to do:

1. Check the JDs on job sites to identify which skills have the maximum demand.
2. List down these skills in decreasing order of demand
3. Take up the skills - work out how you are going to learn it, whether by self-study, or by doing some courses. Put a deadline date against it
4. Head into action - do something everyday to gain knowledge in this skill
5. Update your resume whenever you have learnt a new skill
6. Revisit your list of skills targeted and start working on the next one.

As time passes by your market value will inevitably rise and you will get a better job.

Check the courses available on ITfunda, you will find plenty of value in there as well.

Sainath Sherigar,

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