Dotnet or Mainframes ?

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Hi sir,

I completed my mca in 2010. I am searching for job based on dotnet . One small company offering dot net job salary 5 thousand and one year bond. can i join that company or not ? Because i am learning mainframes also I wanted to try jobs on mainframes plz suggest me which one is best.

Thank you

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011 :

Mainframes are technologies of past and are called legacy technologies. Many companies have critical software systems developed in 60s and 70s and they are in process of modernizing them in new technologuies.

So .Net and other modern platform are things of future.

Mainframe jobs will still continues to exist becuase of critical software which are complex and have been working and tested for years. And companies do not want the risk of changing to newer technologies. So in mainframe there will not be much jobs of developemnet projects but more of support, patchwork and migrations.

So as per my understanding, I will suggest to take in .Net job but you can take in mainframe job if you have no other job available because any job is better than no job.

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