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I am vivek working as module lead in a small company. We are working on windows applications using
c# and I need to shift my career path towards sharepoint.

Could you advice me correct steps for a efficient shifting and land into good job in sharepoint

This could be a great help for me.

I have done certifications on 2.0 , but did't have realtime exposure to applications.

I found your site really unique and with fire in it...i also need to catch up this fire and comeup in life

rajesh's Advice on Saturday, October 17, 2009 :
Good you are fired up for the challenges.  You may follow the below outlined steps to shift your career path towards sharepoint.

1.  Get good with ASP.NET, XML, Usercontrols and webparts.
2.  Learn WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation).  This may give you and edge.
3.  Take a sharepoint training.  You can take in-class training or there are many online trainings available.
4.  Learn about sharepoint best practices including site types, site design, content management, content publishing, workflow, topology, deployment, content management, content lifecycle, localization/globalization  performance etc.
5.  Apply this knowledge.  You may not get an immediate break, but you can create an intranet application for your organization which will benefit them and would also give you some hands on experience.
6.  Apply for jobs :)

Some resources you can try out.

All the very best for your sharepoint learning.

Anandh007 said on Monday, November 02, 2009

Hi Rajesh,

You have given a good roadmap for me, thanks for your valuable suggession and time...

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