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Hello Sir,
I,Priyanka. might be related to this question is available in career advise section but still i want few words from Sir. I have almost 2 yr experiece in .Net(Window based applicaiton). nd am not satisfied with my i left my job. my short term goal is work as software developer in .Net(both window and web). The reason to not happy is that : i think i don't have logical skill, problem solving skill and not able to understand the project requirement in first time. and lack of all these company had assign me only simple form or sm testing work(was working with small cmp thats why one man can handle multiple things). now am at home and want to try develop my skill and want to work as successful software developer.
As i read in few advise that first u found ur i don't hv any logical skill?? is it? but i want to be successful s/w developer.

Kindly guide me. your advise make my vision clear.


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, March 27, 2011 :
Hi Priyanka,

I am glad that you are asking this question of yourself so early in your career - few people have the courage to do this. Some ask the question after spending 5-6 years in the field, some keep dodging it and get frustrated but the earlier one asks this question, the better it is.

"i want to be successful s/w developer."

My question is - why? List down all the reasons why you wish to become a successful software developer.

Some sample questions can be:

  • Do you like programming?
  • Are you a good logical thinker ? (Usually good logical thinkers are good at solving puzzles, maths problems,etc)
  • Do you get a kick whenever you achieve something in programming - it could be as simple as writing a function to perform a calculation. Programming is a field wherein a person derives deep creative satisfaction once his work finishes. Have you experienced this? Do you feel addicted to it?
These are some things which motivate programmers. Spend some good time on this and analyze yourself. And write down all your conclusions on paper.

You will like to do something only if:
(a) you have the natural aptitude to do it
(b) you enjoy doing it - you have some degree of passion for it.

Without this - a person simply cannot excel in his chosen field.

There could be other reasons like :
  • Software development offers lucrative career options
  • More jobs are available in this field
While these are "good" reasons - these are not 'good enough" reasons. Long term satisfaction can come only when you enjoy your work.

In case your answers to the above questions are "Yes", you can work towards becoming a good s/w developer. If the answer is "No", there are still plenty of other options in IT where you can excel. But first please complete this exercise before moving on to the next step. Please post your conclusions to continue this thread.

Sainath Sherigar,

Patelpriyanka21 said on Monday, March 28, 2011

Thanku for the reply.
I like to describe few details here : When I was in my BCA college that time am very much interested in HTML tag and web page designing and coding and doing that very great way. So this interest can build my interest on Web Developer. But I was not much good in C and C++.
Question: Do you like programming?
I like programming and enjoying it but don't have much depth logical thinking power.
So not able to work like other intelligent programmers.
So I want to develop that. And yes still I remember that whenever I did good implementation in projects and whenever I solved small errors and some small imaginary work that make me satisfied.
Some times I think if I understand how to do specific thing then I implement that and doing good with this but no other or any extra ordinary thought cannot come to my mind to doing that same way to do in different way.
That time I felt I have to try or I have to take some good training from good institute then defiantly I will be successful.
So this are things from which I suffered every day.


Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 16, 2011 :
From what you have said, you have derived good degree of creative satisfaction by doing html related work. This cannot be classified under serious programming - this is more of UI designing which is a specialized area by itself. Most software projects require expert designers as UI is the 1st thing that the end customer sees, the end user is not interested in how well the source code has been written.

"So this are things from which I suffered every day"
This usually happens when a person is not naturally suited for the work he / she is required to do. The point is - while training institutes can teach you syntax and concepts, they cannot teach you logical thinking. For this some degree of inborn talent is needed.

TALENT + PRACTICE = SKILL  ----> Person likes what he does since he has the ability and the skill to excel in the same.

That doesn't mean that all is lost, you should not lose heart. There are enough opportunities in IT itself where you can still do well without great amount of logical thinking, UI designing is one such area. My advice would be - please look around for areas where there is less logical thinking involved but it still gives you creative satisfaction, you should be able to excel in the same.

Sainath Sherigar,

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