Placed in production support - what should I do?

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Recently I joined one of India's leading IT companies as fresher with a lot of hope that i will develop this and that but i got a role of production support executive 24 * 7 .There is nothing to learn as its a totally a tool based project and monitoring a server .Since this project was based on dot net platform so on paper i am gaining a dot net experince but practically there is nothing to learn as we cant even see the code also.

I am quite confused about dot net Vs java/j2ee .My prj manager has agreed to reimburse all certificatons based on microsoft technology but not on java/j2ee .

So what i was planning to do is do some MCTS certifciation as long as i am in this project and get into other developnment project based on dot net as soon as i get release from project .

But problem is that how to gain practical experience as reading theory all alone doesnt seem to be a good option .

Is it fruitful to join some local dot net training centers .

Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 16, 2011 :

First and foremost, a person can land in this kind of a project at the beginning of his career.This happens with many people - so please do not think that you are unlucky, at the end of the day it's work which is paying you. Secondly, I have seen a trend in most organizations, whenever a person faces a problem in a project or does not find something agreeable - he may not get along well with his reporting manager of team lead the 1st thought is "I need to ask for a release." This is the normal human tendency of hoping that things might be better elsewhere and seeking a change outside of himself. Usually, people hope that external situations outside of their control should change which will create positive change for themselves. I am afraid that this is an escapist attitude, in my opinion.

The same persons, when released, land on the bench and use up their time on the bench playing Solitaire, Carrom,TT,etc. It is quite an irony.

The same persons, if placed in a busy project which demands additional hours, complain that they do not have time to upgrade skills.

There is no end to this kind of thinking, which places all responsibility of one's progress on external conditions. I apologize if I have sounded a bit harsh but this was a comment on general behaviour I have observed and not on you personally.

"We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin 'thinkin' which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes. "
    - Zig Ziglar

So what does one do in this kind of a seemingly dead-end situation - well, take responsibility and take action.

Step 1:

Create your own opportunities.

Even if you are released from this project your placement in a good project will depend on 2 key points:

(i) Feedback on your performance in the current project
(ii) Your current level of skills

If you observe closely, both of these factors are entirely in your own hands. If you maintain a good attitude and execute your responsibilities in the current project well, your feedback will naturally be very good.

If you manage to put enough buzzwords (backed by strong skills) on your profile, you are bound to get a good project sooner or later. Please refer the link below, Rajesh has wonderfully outlined the combination of skills we need to know.

("Essential skills for web development")

You can do this either by self-study provided you have the drive and ambition to sit in front of a PC and learn something new after a long hard day of work or you can enroll for formal training courses where the fees paid and the external discipline of an institute will force you to complete the course.

"It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life ;it is how you handle what happens to you."      - Zig Ziglar

Sainath Sherigar,

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