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I am a 2009 passout. I have completed B.Tech (IT) & worked for a small company from dec 2009 to june 2010 in SharePoint (for 6 months), later I joined an MNC where I have learned BizTalk and currently working in BizTalk for the past 9 months. Right now there is no BizTalk project in our company (but it might come in future). Now I have got an option to move into SharePoint technologies. But I am confused whether should I make the change & move into SharePoint or wait for some more time and continue working & practising in BizTalk? Please help me in choosing the correct technology to move forward, so that it can help me in the future?

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011 :

There is no correct tehnology. We are here to provide solutions to our clients problem. Sharepoint and Biztalk are all essential technologies. Both have great future. It is very fortunate that you are able to learn and work in both producs.  

Sharepoint is front-end portal technology and choice for all enterprises for their portal, knowledge management system, Content Management System and Web 2.0 for sharing and collaboration.

Boiztalk is back-end integration technology and choice for all enterprises for their integration projects.

Both are essntial stack of Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA) stack.

Rajeev_kct said on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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