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hello sir i m BCA final student ankit.
i want to ask you one question related for my further study
1 . which course should i choose after BCA.MCA or MSC IT
2. which language should i choose in my further study. .NET,JAVA,Database side oracal

i would like to inform you that i m much interested in .net
and currently i m working on .net projects.
but as i heard from some profess national .net market is going to slow down after some year
this is how much right ???
give me info about .net future market
and if i go for .net tech can it create problem for me in future
reply as soon as possible

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, April 10, 2011 :

Hi Ankit,

   Ans 1) 

    - It is more of the course ciriculum of the course which should decide which course is better. You should check which ciriculum is more aligned with industry requirment.

    - Second, but very important factor, is how have been the performance the past students of that course.  What %age of the campus selection was there in previous year. Which course invites better conmpanies in campus interview. It is very impotant to get selected in Campus interview becuae competition is less there. Once you come in the actual market you are competing with many more students like u.

Ans 2)

All languages are good. It is best to learn end-2-end. So a development platform like JEE or .Net and Oracle on the database side are essntial. If you interest lies in .Net please go in for .Net platform. .NEt market will never go down. .Net is the development platform of Microsoft and is base of their major products. So it will always be there. .Net 4.1 is the new version in the market and going very strong with many new advances and concepts.

Also remember, more that language it is the OO concepts that you must learn. If you master these concepts of programming than you have learn the fundamentals which are basis of all current and future languages.

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find a job first and do you further study via correspondence, you can choose Manipal or ignu...

In this time most of all firms are looking experience, esply in aboard.

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