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Hello Sir,
I have completed BE in 2009 and i am working for a MNC for the last 1.5yrs. After my training in DotNet from the company i was put in an Application Support Project. I am not happy with the work as there is not much technical knowledge required for this. Since i have not been in touch with DotNet technology for quite sometime i have forgotten most of the stuffs. Please advise me on what technologies should i learn now and also how to proceed in learning them so that it will will help me with my future.

Thanks in advance.

Rajesh's Advice on Sunday, April 17, 2011 :
Hi Rahul,

Please refer the forums here as there are couple of responses similar to your query.  In a nutshell the following are the areas you may consider based on your interest..

For web applications
1. ASP.NET 4
3. jQuery
4. Silverlight

For Windows or SmartClient
1. WPF

1. WCF
2. MS Sql Server 2005/2008
3. WF
4. Basic knowledge of Design patterns and OOD skills
5. c# 4 (this should be first in the list)
7. Entity Framework 4.0 and above.

Specialized Area
1. SharePoint 2010 (pre requisite ASP.NET)

The above is the common list of areas which you may take up and is in demand now.

Hope this helps.

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