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Hi sir,
I am Divya,Having an experience of 13 months in .net,working for a small company.Well i completed my BE in 2009 and joined the company in which I am currently working.Well ofcourse I got a good start up.I have worked on following microsoft technologies.
4)SQl server 2005
5)SSRS reports
Now looking for company change for exposure in career,well how can I proceed in this regard?and with what current versions of technologies I have to learn?

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, April 28, 2011 :


Generally for an interview at an MNC you need to know-

 - .Net 3.5 + fundamentals. New concepts of .Net 3.0+ WPF, WCF, Jquery, ADO.Net , MVC, Entity Framework etc.

 - Deep knowledge about  current projects.  You need to have good knowldge of SQl Server and SSRS reports since you have done it.

Besides, technology you also need to know how you develop good programs by wrking in a team, for this you are expected to answer (in varying degree)-
. Demostrate Logical Thinking
. Fudamentals of Object Oriented Programming
. Best practices for efficient coding
. Configuration Management; version management
. Testing
. Data Structures
. Fudamentals of Web programming & Client/Server programming
Other way, is like you study for exam by exploring the past question papers. Here you start by exploring the market. Explore the market by going through the job postings (job descriptions) of the type company you are looking to join. Ask your peers about the technology fundamentals and accompanying toolset that you need to be aware of. Give some interviews just for practicing to see where you stand in water.
And then prepare for it.
-kapil siddharh-


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