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I have around 5 years of experience in web development using Now I'm hearing a lot of buzz about cloud computing and want to explore this area. What is the future scope for cloud development? What should I learn (Language/framework etc)? Is it good to switch to cloud or should I stick to .net?

Thanks in advance.

Kapil's Advice on Monday, May 16, 2011 :
Cloud computing is definitely a future. But cloud computing is a change in deployment and hosting.  The application which were earlier deployed on you local machines or data centers , in cloud will be deployed on rented public infrastructure ( like amazon, Microsoft's Azure).

So you application will continue to be developed in .Net but will be deployed on .Net framework on Microsoft cloud space. However, the development will continue to be in .Net and all other development technologies will also remain the same.

There will changes in the architectures like of multi-tenant and single tenant architecture which is of the sharing of database instance/schema.

So Language and framework will continue to be .Net but you may learn of Azure service of Microsoft to learn the hosting of your applications on Microsoft cloud.


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