Not getting success to switch in a MNC from a small company. Please help.

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Sir, I am a .NET developer having 4.4 years experience C#.NET, ASP.NET. From the start of my software career, I am working with the same company. My current company does not follow any standards to complete projects. To explain you the problem please read my roles and responsibilities below.

My roles and responsibilities are:
1. Reading client requirements and questions against those requirements through email. No communication over phone or online meeting with client. No use of Use Case (UML) at all.

2. Creating project plan. I creates project plan in word doc on the basis of requirements like what pages/functionalities will be in front end and what will be needed in back-end (admin section). No use of any project plan creation tool or estimation tool.

3. Creating database and then the layers (Business, Data and Entity) and then team start working on back-end and front-end. No implementation of Design Patterns.

4. Testing the page/function working as per client requirement means just User Interface testing. No unit testing. No performance testing means just ad-hoc testing. No code reviews.

Any how one day the projects get completed by my company. So you can understand the poor development process followed by my company, now it has become a hurdle in my career growth. I am getting calls/email from MNCs, and I am able to clear the technical round often. But when it comes to HR, I usually asked for the software development process followed by my current company and I tell them the truth that how my company works. And after knowing the working process of my company, they simply REJECT me. So could you please help me in this situation? Means in respect to my 4.4 years experience in ASP.NET, C# technology, how can I prepare myself for MNCs to crack the HR round. So please help me in my career growth. I will be very thankful to you.

Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 30, 2011 :

Your situation is not unique. Many successful professionals have started their careers in this fashion. The key factor here is your technical strength - which is why you are cracking the technical round very often.

As an interviewee, your key focus during an interview should be to lead the interviewer towards the decision of recruiting you. Remember, the interviewer is basically going to take a decision after carefully evaluating the pros and cons. Your job is to project your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Please check my choice of words, I said "downplay your waeknesses". In this way, you are stacking the odds in your favour. Being blunt about one's current situation can give the interview panel a strong reason to reject you. While you should never be dishonest about your current limitations, never project them - by doing so you are shifting the interview balance against you.

Also, please get in touch with a peer / senior in whose company a structured methodology is followed and try to learn and understand the same. This should not take too long to master. The idea is that when you are placed in a structured environment you should be able to adapt / adjust quickly. Once you understand the basics of UML, designing, etc you will be in a position to handle the situation.Even if the interiew panel sees that you do not have first-hand experience of working in a structured environment, once they see that you have the required amount of conceptual awareness coupled with strong technical skills the balance will tilt in your favour and you will bag that coveted MNC job.

Hope this helps you.

Sainath Sherigar,

Nksoni said on Monday, May 30, 2011

Sir, thanks for your advice. It will surely help me.

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