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Hi ,

I am alomst 1 year experienced in a MNC
I m just learning Oracle DBA.
But my company want's me to work in SQL server DBA
Im literally confused now like what to do
I m concerned about the scope both SQL server and Oracle got in job market also the openings while sifting to other companies.

Please clear my confusion.

Sainath's Advice on Thursday, June 23, 2011 :

While it is true that Oracle has a huge market share you will observe in the long run no organization usually operates only on 1 database. It is common to see Oracle, SQL Server and even Sybase particularly if it is a traditional financial entity.
As a DBA, particularly in the maintenance role, you will be expected to work in multiple databases if required. Gaining knowledge in multiple areas is not a negative in itself. However, if you wish to become a specialist Oracle DBA you will also need to upscale your skills in totality in terms of certifications backed up with quaity real world experience.

Sainath S,

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